Spectrum Artworks Orientation with Jes Reyes - 2.5 Hours

Tuesday afternoon, I met with Jes Reyes from Resource, a mental health and addiction program. The campus is pretty large, and I learned that Resource has many locations in both Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the northern suburbs. She gave me a tour of the Lighthouse, where the art studio is located in the basement. The work produced is mostly fine arts based, but they have done photography and time-based media previously as well. I look forward to starting my shadowing position in mid-April! 

Blaine Senior High School with Pat Undis  - 3.5 hours

Because it was the end of the term for Mrs. Undis's students, I helped with general housekeeping and cleaning up the room and handling supplies. In the AP art class, some of the students were showing presentations of their work. In her later class periods, students finished up some of their projects, while for the rest of the class, we projected short Pixar films for the students who didn't have any more work to finish.