Week 4: Pat Undis and Kimberly Schenk - 4 hours

This week in the AP art class, we embarked on a figure drawing project. As it was expected, things changed a bit from the lesson plan I had written. I had intended on beginning a longer, extended pose with the students, but ended up adapting it to ease them into the process. I began by showing the students different drawings that I had done in both Drawing 2 and Figure Drawing. I think that the drawings represent different levels of resolution; from extended poses lasting several hours to short 30 second gestural drawings. I followed up with a demo showing the students gesture drawing and mark making. We started out with 2 minute poses, then moved up to 5 minute poses, and then finally a couple of 10 minute poses. I was a bit nervous going into the days where I'm more actively teaching in the classroom, but I was thoroughly impressed with the students and the work they produced. (*I will attach photos in next week's blog post of their work.)

Next week, I plan on doing a short presentation/demo combination to give the students a little more context. I'm basing the project on my own personal experience with different figure drawing courses. I want to talk a little bit more about landmarks on the body, proportion, and mark making to describe form and volume and how to avoid contour lines.