Blaine High School - Art Teachers Pat Undis & Kimberly Schenk - 4 hours

This week in room 238, we continued to work on figure drawing. Unlike last week, I was more focused on helping the students achieve more realistic body proportions, while emphasizing their own creative vision and artistic hand. I noticed many of the students were trying techniques that they had not tried last week--new methods of mark making, new materials, and different surfaces. I could tell the students were considering some of the ideas I had presented to them and using them to inform their drawings. Many of the students worked on a single drawing for the duration of the class period, while a few began new ones. The artists in this class are very attentive. I'm always very impressed with the work that's produced in this class. 

In the next room over, during 2nd and 3rd hour for BHS, I worked with Mrs. Schenk. Her students embarked on a gesture drawing project yesterday, which was perfect timing. Mrs. Schenk encouraged me to give my take on gesture and figure drawing. I did a demonstration and realized our techniques are somewhat different, but nonetheless, both very relevant to the task of gesture drawing. I could see the students using both of our techniques to create really solid, quick drawings. Both Mrs. Schenk and I rotated between posing, which was fun, as I've never been the model in any art class. It's a lot more difficult than it looks, that's for sure.

As for the coming weeks, I'm curious to see if the students will continue with some of the techniques they've learned this week. I look forward to my next visit.