Blaine High school -  Art Teachers Pat Undis and Kimberly Schenk - 4.0 Hours

This week at Blaine High School, I worked primarily with Mrs. Undis' students again. We talked about the project which I intend on starting next week when I go back. We made the final decision that they wanted to get more experience working with figure drawing, which they have not had too much exposure to, at least not in school. We established that one of the teacher's assistants in the department will be our model as well, which is a relief for me! The students told me they wanted to work on paper about 11 x 17 in size, which I think will be a manageable size for them to complete the drawing before their semester ends (February 12). I'll be collecting materials and working on a short presentation for the next few days before I return. In addition to the students working on their independent projects, I helped out by giving students feedback on their artist statements, which will be a continuing process for them as they prepare for the senior art show and the AP exam that takes place during the spring. The students taking part in the senior art show are coming up with some wonderful themes for the show and I can't wait to see what they come up with!